Meet our talented and professional team!

We also work with other talented photographers, videographers, designers, and other creative professionals on weddings, commercial shoots, and other projects as needed.

Jack Glasser.jpg

Jack Glasser

Owner and President

Jack is the owner and visionary. He has the biggest positive attitude and the best hair. He founded Glasser Images in 2005 while in high school. Fueled by his love of entrepreneurship (and cups of black coffee!), he runs the studio and keeps everyone on their toes!

Jace Schacher.jpg

Jace Schacher

Client Consultant

Jace is our anything and everything guy. And he will make anyone who comes through the door at the studio smile! From coordinating with clients to making sure everything looks picture perfect (pun intended) to utilizing his green thumb caring for the studio succulents, he can do it all. When he's not being superman of the studio, he loves to travel, sip coffee, and soak up as much culture and sunshine outside as possible.


Liz Tomek

Client Consultant

Liz is an avid traveller who has tapped her toes on 11 foreign countries. She has passion for life, fun family, and food (especially breakfast foods) that radiates in her excited personality. Liz is a hard worker who takes pride in her experiences and accomplishments. Whether she's sharing her endless stories, silly jokes, or vast knowledge of "The Lord of the Rings", Liz is happiest around people and always looking forward to her next adventure.

Sierra Hall.jpg

Sierra Hall

Client Consultant

Sierra has a keen eye for modern style. She can often be found wearing a killer lipstick and a new pair of Birkenstocks. (Seriously...the addiction is real!) You can always count on Sierra for a sarcastic comment or facetious eye roll. (In the best of ways!) In her everyday life, she enjoys staying active, being with family, and MUST read the daily newspaper.

Ethan DeGree.jpg

Ethan DeGree


From taking pictures on his flip phone to incorporating his love of design and photography, Ethan's story truly is a "started from the bottom now he's here." Ethan quickly found his passion and enjoys capturing the most genuine moments between people. He is always trying to get the best photos he can, but with a Starbucks in hand and his hair on point, of course.

Brad Slaubaugh.jpg

Brad Slaubaugh


Brad's high-on-life personality is something that's contagious from the moment you meet him. He enjoys many things like giving high fives, keeping up on all the latest camera gear, spending time outdoors, and kissing his wife. (But mainly kissing his wife!) He captures a unique and artistic perspective with every click of the camera shutter.

Kevin Fedde.jpg

Kevin Fedde

Photographer and Videographer

Kevin has a love for adventure. From growing up hiking, camping, and photographing in the mountains of Colorado to now doing commercial, portrait, and wedding photography and video in North Dakota, he loves capturing photos as well as videos of adventures. Whether your adventure is walking down the aisle or snowboarding down a mountain, Kevin wants to be there!

Heath 2017-63.jpg

Heather Franca


Heather is the mom to a very sweet & sassy little girl, and loves all the adventures that being a mom entails! She enjoys anything outdoors. And if you catch her in front of the tv, she's probably watching The Office. (Which she can probably quote word for word!) She knows how fleeting the moments of childhood can be, and especially loves capturing those sweet babies when they are just days old.

Sabrina Shey.jpg

Sabrina Shey


Sabrina is an eclectic photographer whose passions include extreme organizing, furry friends (inquire for pictures of the cutest cat ever), and hot chocolate. After picking up a camera in high school, she realized that photography was the only thing she ever wanted to do. Finding beauty in everyday things and people, she wanted to show the world what she saw through her lens. After graduating from art school in Savannah, Georgia, she hit the road and decided that North Dakota was the place to be!

Alexis Eberle.jpg

Alexis Eberle

Photographer and Photo Editor

Alexis has an eye for detail and drive for perfection whether she’s behind a camera or in front of the computer. She loves being creative and seeing the beauty in everyday! Some of her likes include cats, coffee, art, long naps, and also cats.

Micki Dykshoorn.jpg

Micki Dykshoorn

Associate Photographer and Photo Editor

Micki is the mom of two very sweet, very cute, very blonde little babies and is happily married to the love of her life. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, listening to music, and binging on Netflix. She loves being part of the process of bringing people joy through photography.